Become a Provider

Video Telehealth Network Benefits

Flexible Scheduling
Since video telehealth is 24/7/365, you have the flexibility to treat patients online, at your convenience.

Promotes Availability
At CogNet Rehab Solutions we remove the barriers to patient access, allowing you to see patients who might otherwise not be able to make it into a doctor’s office due to being homebound, having busy schedules, or traveling distance. Our services can be an adjunct to
your existing practice or you may choose to operate as a full time practitioner. The choice is yours!

Easy to Use
Apple… Android… CogNet Rehab Solutions makes it simple for your patients to connect with you, which reduces missed appointments.

Improving care while reducing costs and increasing access.

  • Treat patients via secure video or phone
  • Document consultations online
  • Send prescriptions electronically
  • Access patient health records

Home & Community Neurorehabilitation Providers

If you are looking to join our neuro-rehabilitation network and are an experienced Neuropsychologist, Speech & Language Pathologist, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Vocational Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist just fill out the fields on this page or contact “Support” and a recruitment
specialist will get back to you shortly.