Information for Patients

Video Telehealth Equipment/Software Needed

The following hardware is needed:

  •  An internet connection, a computer (Mac or Windows), laptop, or tablet, (such as an iPad) is required. Mobile devices such as cell phones are not permitted for evaluations or initial therapy appointments.
  • An attached or integrated web camera
  • A reliable Internet connection—broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE). Video conferencing works best when you are using a fast Internet connection.
  • Wi-Fi connections may not deliver the consistency required for video conferencing. When connecting to the Internet, consider using a direct connection to your router or cable modem via an Ethernet cable.
  •  Zoom applications for Desktop devices and Web browser extensions can be found here
  • You can test your device and connection here: Join test meeting

Telehealth Tips

Please be contactable by phone and test your connection prior to your meeting. 

  • Five minutes before the session, go to Meet with Your Provider (Link to provider page) to enter your provider’s waiting room.
  • Try to use Wi-Fi or wired, if possible.
  • No concurrent Internet use: no online games, downloading movies, etc. (check on Internet use of others if at home).
  • If the picture isn’t good enough (e.g., pixelated or the call keeps cutting out), switch to phone audio through Zoom.
  • Make sure everyone in the room is in view (at both ends).

Make sure your camera is positioned next to the video on your screen (to help improve line of sight/eye contact).

Additional Instructions:

    • Prepare a private place to have your meeting.
    • Sit at a large comfortable desk or table. The table or desk top should be large enough to accommodate your computer or video device and also be able to write on paper.
    • Have a sharpened pencil or black pen.
    • Ensure that children/siblings are cared for during the session so you do not need to attend to them.
    • Reduce other distractions in advance (no kids playing within earshot, etc.).
    • Prepare children in advance for a telehealth video session—they can enjoy seeing their provider through the computer, which can be a helpful way to keep them interested.

What do I do at the time of my Video Telehealth appointment?

Five minutes before your counseling session, follow these instructions to join your online counseling session.

1.  Go to Meet with Your Provider, then select your provider on the page. If you are not sure which provider to select, please contact 1-213-459-0869    in advance.

2. Select the “Start  live Meeting” listed on your providers page.

3. After you enter the video waiting room, your video, speakers, and microphone will be active.

  • Please have your telephone available. We’ll call you if there are any problems.
  • If you can’t make the appointment, please call us to cancel or reschedule at 1-213-459-0869

Who will be part of the session?

  • Your session will be between you and your assigned doctor or treater. In the event that support is needed with equipment or other technology issues, you will be asked permission to allow support staff to enter a session. You can always ask for them to leave the session at any time.
  • Your session is considered to be confidential and private. As in a face-to-face session, you are welcome to have additional participants with you at your end—just please make sure you introduce them and be sure they are visible on the screen.

What about privacy?

As with a face-to-face session:

  • No one may record the session without written consent by all involved.
  • We will keep a written record of the counseling session, and this will go in your clinical notes.
  • You may request a copy of your records as outlined in our privacy notice available in your Patient Portal.
  • As with any counseling session, there are limits to confidentiality, which are listed in the Informed Consent, also in your Patient Portal.