Forensic Services

CogNet Rehab Solutions (CRS) offers a cost effective option for attorneys expanding their efforts representing individuals who have sustained prolonged symptoms from a concussion or mild traumatic brain injury. Individuals demonstrating prolonged symptoms 6-8 weeks post injury should consider CRS Neuropsychological Screening. Over time there will may be various levels of spontaneous recovery. Providing objective evidence early on is critical in establishing a baseline of cognitive compromise.  Our cost effective approach helps determine the severity of the injury and how best to allocate expenses in managing your case. Furthermore, our screening results establish a basis for the CRS treatment program. Our telehealth program will address both the psychological and cognitive  rehabilitation needs of each  individual.

Whether attorneys are determining the viability of their case, their client is living in a rural area or has limited access to specialized care CRS providers are available.   Attorneys gain access to quality services without traditional clinical or financial barriers.

CRS also offers comprehensive expert forensic evaluations. Our providers have testimony and trial experience and are located throughout the nation.  To request a CV please contact us through the “support” page

Telehealth Neueropsychological Testing & Partnering with MRI/DTI

Many measures for neuropsychological tests administered in teleconference have been studied. These studies were performed by the Departments of Neurology, Neurotheraputics, Psychiatry and Clinical Science at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center the Veterans Administration and many other research organizations.  These studies all demonstrate a high correlation between in-person and remote recording of individuals.  Results exhibited consistent scores that were not different between face to face interaction and video teleconferencing.
Another unique aspect of our diagnostic approach is the incorporation of MRI/ Diffuse Tensor Imaging (DTI). Traditional MRI and CT scans lack the ability to identify concussion and mTBI. Utilizing MRI/DTI post processing viewers provides definitive imaging of areas of the brain affected by the injury. CogNet Neuropsychologists then correlate their findings with imaging results and determine the severity of the injury in terms of functional impairment. The CRS Neuropsychological Screening Report then makes recommendations for adjunct treatment or interventions necessary in the recovery process. Please contact us for more information on our MRI/DTI partners

Our Providers

CRS provides a network of qualified providers in the field of brain injury. Each provider is credentialed by CRS and participates as a result of their specialized qualifications.  Our providers possess the background, education and experience required to make decisions about the impact of each individuals brain injury and required course of care. To see a list of our providers and their bio click on “Meet With Your Provider”

Should your law firm wish to learn more about CRS please call 213-459-0869 or visit or support page to make an inquiry.